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Statue Photography at Toowong Cemetery

Throughout my life one of my favourite places to explore have been cemeteries. I believe there is something special in reading the headstones of people from the past, that having their existence in someones thoughts, if only for a brief period, brings them back to life for an instant and honours their time on Earth. They are also special for photography, with statues and headstones providing plenty of interesting subject matter. One of the oldest cemeteries in Brisbane is the Toowong Cemetery. Officially opened in 1975 (although the first burials

Rally for Palestine 19 May 2024

At the time of writing this the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of the past century has reached a level of violence that the world can no longer ignore. And whilst the terrorist actions of Hamas are brutal and murderous, the fact is that the retaliatory military action currently being undertaken by Israel is causing an unprecedented level of pain, suffering and death. Casualty numbers since the 7 October 2023 attack by Hamas and the subsequent military actions by Israel have now surpassed 35,000 dead and over 75,000 injured, mostly civilians, and mostly

Sean Smith Film Photography

The world is fast these days, with the digitisation of art exponentially accelerating the production times and output of what we have presented to us daily. But there’s a case for people to slow down and take in the world around them. Breath in the smells, observe people & animals, take in the built environment around them, notice the small details, and truly experience what the world has to offer. For a photographer, picking up an old manual vintage film camera forces a slower, more considered view of the world.