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The world is fast these days, with the digitisation of art exponentially accelerating the production times and output of what we have presented to us daily. But there’s a case for people to slow down and take in the world around them. Breath in the smells, observe people & animals, take in the built environment around them, notice the small details, and truly experience what the world has to offer.

View the world more slowly
View the world more slowly

For a photographer, picking up an old manual vintage film camera forces a slower, more considered view of the world. Without computers to calculate exposure times and shutter speeds, stabilise amazingly sharp modern lenses, and fire off dozens of shots per second, the film photographer needs to attempt to take better shots each and every time. Film is expensive to buy and develop, not to mention the time it takes to change rolls when they’re completely exposed. So the process forces a slower, more thoughtful approach to the capture of the world around us. It is a more calming way to view the scenes around us, and a more mindful, and meaningful, way.

Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you enjoy the world as I see it via my slow, manual vintage cameras.

Warm regards, Sean Smith


Sean Smith - Sean Smith Photography
Sean Smith – Sean Smith Photography